Community Assessment Data

A Guide to Understanding the Well-Being of Children & Families in Erie County, Pennsylvania

The data is divided up into major sections available as links at the top of the page: Demographics, Economics, Education, Health and Justice & Child Welfare. Select one of these subject links to view the available topics within that section.

For example, selecting Demographics will provide you with the topics “County Child Population Under Age 18” and “Children Under Age 18 in Single-Parent Homes” with a brief description of each topic.

Selecting one of the topics will provide you with more detailed information of the topic as well as links to the Charts containing the data.

For example, selecting “Children Under Age 18 in Single-Parent Homes” will provide you with links to the charts: “Children Under Age 18 in Single-Parent Homes – By Municipality” and “Children Under Age 18 in Single-Parent Homes – City of Erie Census Tracts”.

Selecting a chart provides you with data specific to Erie County. Most data charts have related graphs or maps which are provided as links above the chart. These images open in a new window, allowing you to view the image and data simultaneously.