PA 2-1-1

PA 2‑1‑1 Northwest is part of the national 2‑1‑1 Call Centers initiative that seeks to provide an easy-to-remember telephone number and web resource for finding health and human services– for everyday needs and in crisis situations. Search our vast database of services and providers to find the help you need today.

Erie Vital Signs

A Community Indicator Project for Regional Action

Erie Vital Signs is a project that encourages our community to create a shared vision for the future, built on data. It tracks indicators that measure our county's well-being in the eight topic areas seen above. 

The goal of Erie Vital Signs is to inform and inspire. We believe an increased focus on data will help encourage positive community change. 

The data and analysis will serve as a common source of information on critical topics that affect the health and progress of Erie County and inform community stakeholders, spur discussion and collaboration, and monitor our quality of life.



(Phone) 814-824-2286

(Fax) 814-824-2182


Our mailing address is:

501 East 38th Street

Erie, PA 16546

Our physical address is:

511 East 34th Street

Erie, PA 16504