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Erie Together

Learn - Work - Thrive

Working together to make the Erie region a community of opportunity where everyone can learn, work and thrive.

Neighborhood Resource Organization

Empowering the Erie area one neighborhood at a time.

The Neighborhood Resource Organization (NRO) is here to help empower you and your neighbors so you can bring positive change to your neighborhood and to the community.

Success By 6 Maternal & Child Health Task Force

United Way Success By 6 is a national initiative, administered locally by Early Connections.

Success By 6 engages in community, family and school outreach opportunities locally and across the region to collectively address kindergarten readiness.

Heroin Task Force

The opioid crisis hits home.

The Heroin Overdose Awareness Task Force aims to raise awareness and take steps to help prevent addiction.


Erie Home Team

Help is Here

The Home Team was created to promote a comprehensive, collaborative and sustained community approach to homelessness. Formed in 1997, we consist of local government representatives, service providers, business owners, consumers and concerned citizens. The Home Team's goal is to enable the person or family experiencing homelessness to become self-sufficient and to move into permanent housing.


A Violence Reduction Initiative

UnifiedErie was formed in 2010 with the purpose of reducing crime & violence in Erie County, PA. It began with law enforcement, but soon branched out to encompass prevention and reentry. It is a collaborative effort, with invested members coming from multiple disciplines to work together on this important issue.

Erie Coalition For A Trauma-Informed Community

We believe that trauma has a profound impact on the individual and community.

We believe that a Trauma-Informed Community can help build the foundation for its residents to overcome the past, thrive in the present, and face the uncertain future with renewed confidence.

Erie County Criminal Justice Coalition (ECCJC)

County Criminal Justice Advisory Boards (CJABs) are local planning and problem solving groups.

CJABs provide the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) with an efficient way to evaluate a county's suitability for support of criminal justice initiatives. Over the years, CJABs have become pivotal decision makers for justice-related issues at the county and local levels.

Emerge 2040

A Focused Partnership For The Erie Region's Future

Over the next 25 years, Erie County will emerge as a region where businesses, neighborhoods & families thrive, education & the environment are valued, and communities are connected. Our vision is to build a stronger, more prosperous & more resilient Erie County region.

Positive Youth Development

Erie's 40 Assets

Positive Youth Development of Erie County is a county-wide collaborative initiative that utilizes the 40 Developmental Assets framework created by Search Institute to make Erie County PA the premiere place for youth to grow up great.